Annual Conference

Theme Panel: COVID-19, Crisis Response, & Legitimacy in China

COVID-19, Crisis Response, & Legitimacy in China Co-sponsored by Division 13: Politics of Communist and Former Communist Countries Created Panel Participants: (Discussant) Rongbin Han, University of Georgia; (Chair) Daniela Stockmann, Hertie School Session Description: How […]

Diversity Fellowship Program

Meet DFP Spring Fellow, Juan C. Curiel, University of Chicago

The APSA Diversity Fellowship Program, formerly the Minority Fellowship Program, was established in 1969 as a fellowship competition to diversify the political science profession. DFP provides support to students from underrepresented backgrounds applying to, or […]


A Fear of Oversight

In the APSA Public Scholarship Program, graduate students in political science produce summaries of new research in the American Political Science Review. This piece, written by Maria Nagawa, covers the new article by Pia J. […]


What is a Descriptive Representative?

What is a Descriptive Representative? By Danielle Casarez Lemi, Southern Methodist University What is a descriptive representative? The study of descriptive representation by ethnorace—that is, the presence of elected officials who reflect descriptive characteristics of […]


Voter Mobilization

Voter Mobilization By Chelsea N. Kaufman and Joseph M. Ellis, Wingate University Wingate University is a private, nonprofit, comprehensive university located southeast of Charlotte, North Carolina. More than 3,600 students are enrolled, approximately 72% of […]