Economic Migration: On What Terms?

Economic Migration: On What Terms? By Anna Stilz, Princeton University I investigate whether wealthy democratic states should liberalize economic migration and, if so, on what terms. Is it permissible for the state to restrict economic […]

Annual Conference

2021 Annual Meeting Video Highlights: Awards Ceremony

    Presenter: Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Ohio State University Presenter: Dino Pinterpe Christenson, Washington University in St. Louis Presenter: Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Purdue University Presenter: Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association The Association makes awards […]

Annual Conference

2021 Annual Meeting Video Highlights: John Gaus Award Lecture

  Gaus Award Winner: Professor Christopher Hood, University of Oxford The Gaus Award honors a lifetime of exemplary scholarship in the joint tradition of political science and public administration. This award was established to honor the contributions […]

American Political Science Review

Governments Ignore Many Serious Welfare Issues – But Bureaucrats with Technical Expertise Can Help Change This

In the APSA Public Scholarship Program, graduate students in political science produce summaries of new research in the American Political Science Review. This piece, written by Leah Costik, covers the new article by Carmen Jacqueline […]