Meet the 2020 Michael Brintnall Teaching & Learning Award Winner: John Twichell of the University of Miami

The Michael Brintnall Teaching and Learning Award supports faculty attendance at the Teaching and Learning Conference and is named in honor of former APSA Executive Director Michael Brintnall, who was deeply committed to advancing the scholarship […]

Public Scholarship Program

When Might Collective Suffering Lead to Reduced Empathy?

This piece, written by Nandini Dey, covers Anselm Hager, Krzysztof Krakowski, and Max Schaub’s new article “Ethnic Riots and Prosocial Behavior: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan.” The effects of trauma are betrayed in multiple ways. The Hondurans […]

2020 Elections

Colorado: Party Raiding, Winnowing, and Timing

On March 3, Colorado joins 13 other states in holding presidential nominating contests as part of Super Tuesday. A few features of this contest are new and fairly novel for presidential nomination contests, so this […]