2018-19 APSA Minority Student Recruitment Program: Enroll before September 28

Get a jump start on graduate student recruitment!

“[MSRP] is an excellent program! Having my contact information placed in the database and having programs reach out to me opened up many more options that I hadn’t considered previously.” – 2017-2018 APSA MSRP Student

The APSA Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP) connects undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in or show potential for graduate study with graduate programs interested in recruiting diverse cohorts of doctoral students. PhD department officers can enroll their departments online through their APSA accounts. Enroll your department by September 28, 2018.

How Does MSRP Work?

APSA maintains a database of African-American, Latino/Latina, Native American,  and Asian Pacific American undergraduates who have been identified as possible candidates for graduate study in political science. These undergraduates can be identified by their departments, by their advisors, or submit their own names for the database. The database is updated periodically and made available to the nation’s top graduate political science programs who are enrolled in the program for their annual recruitment of doctoral students.

Who Can Enroll?

Political science department officers, including field related department officers, that are in PhD departments (chairs, graduate directors, etc.) can enroll their departments in the APSA MSRP as a recruiting department. Students may also enroll themselves or ask their undergraduate advisor to submit their name and contact information.

More information about enrollment and departmental recruitment efforts can be found at www.apsanet.org/msrp.