2016 TLC Call For Proposals

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The theme for the 13th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, February 12-14, 2016 in Portland, Oregon, is, “Rethinking the Way We Teach: High-Impact Methods in the Classroom,” which focuses on gaining a greater understanding of high-impact practices and innovative methodologies in the political science classroom. Panels and workshops will offer a forum to share pedagogical techniques and discuss trends in political science education.

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Join us for a unique meeting to promote greater understanding of high-impact practices and innovative methodologies for the political science classroom. The conference provides a forum for scholars to participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning, share pedagogical techniques, and discuss trends in political science education. We welcome proposals from educators at all levels who teach political science and related subjects—university faculty and administrators, high school teachers, graduate students, research scholars, and others.

We invite proposals for paper presentations and interactive workshops. Papers are presented in a collaborative working group environment, in which the participants in a theme learn about and discuss each other’s research for the duration of the conference. This working group model has proven to be highly effective at enhancing the instructional effectiveness and scholarly productivity of conference attendees.

Workshops provide participants with hands-on experience in the use of practical instructional methods that they can take with them to their home institutions. Examples of workshops at previous Teaching and Learning Conferences include using mapping software to teach students how to visualize political information, using games to teach theories of political violence, and how to assess curricula on the basis of students’ knowledge of and skills in environmental sustainability. At this year’s conference, we are particularly interested in having a workshop on teaching about the 2016 elections and cutting edge election techniques.

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