June Issue of Perspectives on Politics

For a More Public Political Science

The new issue Perspectives_13_2of Perspectives on Politics features a special introductory essay by editor Jeffrey C. Isaac, “For a More Public Political Science.” Isaac criticizes what he calls “neopositivism” in political science, and argues that “what the discipline most needs today is not more technique or methodological purity but more publicity.” This issue also features a symposium on pluralism and the fate of Perestroika featuring John Gunnell, James Farr, Robert Keohane, David Laitin, Kristen Monroe, Anne Norton, and Sanford Schram.

The following timely articles also appear in this issue:

  • Stephen M Engel’s article “Developmental Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Politics” discusses American political development through the lens of citizenship.
  • “Compared to What? Judicial Review and Other Veto Points in Contemporary Democratic Theory,” by David Watkins and Scott Lemieux, examines veto points in democracy, scrutinizing judicial review in particular.
  • Colin D. Moore’s article “Innovation without Reputation: How Bureaucrats Saved the Veterans’ Health Care System” investigates the the VA’s “unique policy trajectory” to gain lessons on how public-private partnerships affect social welfare.
  • Andrew Sabl’s article “The Two Cultures of Democratic Theory: Responsiveness, Democratic Quality, and the Empirical-Normative Divide” endeavors to understand the divide between empirical normative approaches to political science and theory.

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From the Editor: For a More Public Political Science
Jeffrey C. Isaac

Reflections Symposium
Pluralism and the Fate of Perestroika: A Historical Reflection
John Gunnell, James Farr, Robert Keohane, David Laitin, Kristen Monroe, Anne Norton, Sanford Schram

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