Task Force Report Offers Timely Insight

PS_Special_Issue_CoverPolitical science provides key insights to inform public understanding of current events. APSA’s Task Force on Public Engagement—released summer of 2015—speaks directly to this issue. Called Let’s Be Heard!, the report discusses the vast potential for political science to benefit people and organizations. Political science expertise is sought by people who want to make a difference in their community and by people who want to change the world. Government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and private enterprises depend on political science data and analysis. Articles and books about political science enlighten teachers and students in classrooms throughout the country. The benefits are manifold.

As political science draws more public attention, the report’s prescient articles and commentary provide an invaluable resource for engaging outside of academia. Let’s Be Heard! was released as a free special issue of PS: Political Science & Politics. The report is still available for free at Cambridge Journals Online. Read it today here!