Chart of the Month: Contributions in the 2019 Financial Year

At the close of 2019, we reflect on a tremendous financial year of giving at APSA. From October 2018-September 2019, APSA received gifts and grants to power 41 Association programs, funds, and activities. These contributions were the result of 1,035 charitable contributions, a 36 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2017 totals (762). Core APSA initiatives such as the Presidential Task Force on New Partnerships, the endowed fund for the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute, APSA Lee Ann Fujii Minority Fellow Travel Grants, political science workshops in East and Southeast Asia, and unrestricted donations to the APSA Annual Fund were in receipt of the largest contributions. Thank you to all our APSA members and supporters for their generosity during Fiscal Year 2019.



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