Asians in the Americas

Chapter 3: Asians in the Americas Jane Junn, University of Southern California Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley Asian Americans occupy a defined and by now accepted corner of America’s “ethnoracial pentagon.” Yet ponder “inequality” […]

No Picture

John Sides on the Importance of Funding in Political Science

John Sides, Associate Professor of Political Science George Washington University Professor Sides studies political behavior in American and comparative politics. His current research focuses on American elections, the politics of U.S. fiscal policy, and the influence […]

Annual Conference

Eric C. Vorst: Network Analysis of #APSA2016

Twitter is always an active platform and great networking tool, partiularly during large conferences and events. The APSA 2016 Annual Meeting, located in Philadelphia, PA, was no different with attendees sharing all types of thought […]