Forbearance by Alisha C. Holland of Harvard University

Police Officer in Santa Marta, Colombia “looks the other way” from an unlicensed street vendor. Photo by Alisha Holland. by Alisha C. Holland, Harvard University Abstract: “Particularly in developing countries, there is a gap between written law and behavior. […]


The Virtues of Engendering Quantitative Methods Courses

By Tània Verge (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Although the ways in which research questions are selected and the data is collected and analyzed often lead to gender-biased and incorrect conclusions, quantitative methods courses are generally taught in a […]


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Zombies are from…: Feminist Theories of International Politics and Zombies

By Rebecca Susan Evans (Ursinus College) In his popular textbook, Theories of International Politics and Zombies, Daniel Drezner uses a hypothetical zombie apocalypse to illustrate a number of theories of international relations but unapologetically rejects feminist […]