Teaching Race and Revolution: Doing Justice to Women’s Roles in the Struggle for Civil Rights

By Rosalyn Cooperman (University of Mary Washington), Melina Patterson (University of Mary Washington) and Jess Rigelhaupt (University of Mary Washington) This paper describes a freshman seminar, Race and Revolution, which examines the Civil Rights Movement with an emphasis on […]


Standard Operating Procedures: A Safety Net for Pre-Analysis Plans

By Winston Lin (Columbia University) and Donald P. Green (Columbia University) “Fishing” and “file drawer” problems undercut the credibility of published empirical research. The fishing problem is that with unlimited discretion in data analysis, researchers may consciously or […]

Annual Conference

Theme Panel: Unipolarity and the New World Order

Theme Panel: Unipolarity and the New World Order Fri, September 2, 4:00 to 5:30pm The roundtable panelists will discuss how long the United States will remain the world’s only superpower and how this unprecedented imbalance […]


Forbearance by Alisha C. Holland of Harvard University

Police Officer in Santa Marta, Colombia “looks the other way” from an unlicensed street vendor. Photo by Alisha Holland. by Alisha C. Holland, Harvard University Abstract: “Particularly in developing countries, there is a gap between written law and behavior. […]